Australian made Arena fibres Alligro

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Arena fibres such as pictured become very expensive when they have the added importation costs from Europe.  Considering those same materials can be sourced right here in Australia we have developed a surface to rival the most fashionable imported surfaces in the world! 

We prefer to support and encourage Australian made whenever possible and this opportunity has turned into a huge success!  Sometimes the mentality can be to follow the “fashion” and “imported” must be better.  Our thorough testing is very confident this surface can match it with the best of its kind.

Once your base is ready, the perfect surface starts with the perfect sand and maintenance.  There is no compromise to this goal.  This is where our expertise as the original pioneers of bringing synthetic surfaces into Australia comes in.  We know sand! Other businesses will pass sand choices we will fail.  If you want the best but don’t want to pay for expense importation and costly overheads, this is where we can help you!  You are only paying for your surface not a significant % towards transportation, duty etc…  This represents smart buying and supporting Australian made at the same time. This is a win win for our customers because there is no compromise on the quality.  Ask to speak with any of our customers currently training horses at top level on this surface to find out why they are thrilled with their surface.  Knowledge is power, it also represents intelligent $$$ savings.

We have had 100% overwhelming positive feedback from our customers all over Australian from both the dressage and jumping riders.  Some of our customers were wanting the “perfect” surface and that is how they have described our new release!

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