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Pixio Live Coaching is here!

We offer a fully customised package tailored (very important!) to suit our customers needs. This has been the great key to our success with Pixio and Pixio Live Coaching sales.  Making sure the customer is getting exactly what is required for intended use makes all the difference.

We too are riders so we completely understand your training goal and what is required to maximise your purchase from very good experience.

Riders are often in remote locations and can lose a whole day travelling back and forth for a lesson (usually quite stressful and often in a mad race to get home in time for other work)! 

Other challenges are that your coach only travels to your area a couple of times a year.  Imagine the progress from once a week live training. Its time to catch up, this is the technology now easily available.  Its not complicated at all.  You just need good internet speed and can test this via a Skype call.

The best riders in the world are already onto Pixio Live Coaching and their performances are starting to have the Equestrian world sit up and take some serious notice of late!  They are secretly using this method to keep on top of their game and the results are very evident. 

Thankfully Australia can also keep moving forward at the same pace using this technology  to really improve the overall standard here.  This is a wonderful opportunity to really keep up with Europe progress.

Favorite trainer lives in Europe?  No problem! Lets get connected.

Contact us today to find out more about the Pixio Live Coaching #wayofthefuture

email: info@jesmonddene.com

or phone Danielle 0419 237777



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