Why Choose Comfort Stall Rubber Flooring?

Our stable flooring will improve joint health due to the soft and supportive foam base, as well as improve a horse’s respiratory health due to the sealed system that won’t soak urine, allowing for easy cleaning.

Additional benefits include the elimination of hock sores, improved quality of rest, relief from the symptoms of laminitis, reduced need for stall bandaging, better thermal insulation, less required bedding in stables (some claiming as much as 75%), less require cleaning and maintenance.

Improved respiratory health for Horses

As urine builds up in a stable, it gives off ammonia gas. High levels of ammonia can cause bronchiolar and alveolar edema and airway destruction, resulting in respiratory distress or failure.

Comfort Stall’s Flooring System is sealed and impermeable, preventing the build up of urea and ammonia off-gassing. It is also easy to clean meaning a reduction in stable dust, not to mention a significant reduction in dust from reduced bedding.

Up to 75% less Bedding

The design of our stable flooring greatly reduces the need for bedding to keep your horse comfortable and warm. In fact, the savings you could make from installing ComfortStall could see a return on your investment in less than one year with up to 75% less bedding needed.

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