EQUICAM Wireless Wifi Float and reversing Camera (IN STOCK WITH FREE UPGRADE TO EXPRESS POST)

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With the Equi Cam at competitions or clinics, you can use your phone to check on your horse tied to float (within viewing distance) instead of walking all the way back to your horse.

Wifi camera ā€” no wires to hook up!
  • Easy to install within minutes through an app on your mobile phone.
  • Does not use your mobile data.
  • Still works with no phone reception.
  • Camera can be hooked up to more than one phone.
Magnetic base.
  • Put on back of your car to hook up float. Then place in your float to view your horse while travelling.
  • Put on back of float to reverse your float in to spaces.
  • Put on side of float to view your horse tied to float.
  • Can be used with any car as no wiring so if you are travelling using a friends car and float take camera with you.
  • Viewing distance approx 30m up to 60m without obstructions.
More features to love:
  • Waterproof
  • Wide angle lens
  • Night vision
  • Rechargeable battery lasts approx 5hrs.
  • Charge via USB cable supplied. So you can charge in car when not using camera.

The Equi Cam has outstanding customer feedback and why we have now added this fabulous and well priced wireless float camera to our selected range of products.

Cost is unbeatable value at $245.00

Need your camera ASAP ? email us your Express Post order today and we can service this request for you.

Always in stock

*** Please note that the app that is used with these cameras is best suited to iphones.  Some android phones cannot open the app due to android updates.  In this case we can supply you the camera plus a compatible montior that is super easy to connect and use.  

Camera/monitor option for android phone users is also available to purchase on our online shop

Questions? Email: info@jesmonddene.com or call Danielle on 0419 237777

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4 reviews for EQUICAM Wireless Wifi Float and reversing Camera (IN STOCK WITH FREE UPGRADE TO EXPRESS POST)

  1. Tanya

    Best thing ever for horse owners. This can also be simply placed in a stall too. šŸ™‚ Awesome, just love it!! Tanya (NSW)

  2. Kim

    Highly recommended! Kim A (NSW)

  3. Alesha

    Got to use mine on the weekend worked a treat šŸ‘Œ
    Alesha E (WA)

  4. Rachel

    Yay it worked! Love it!! Thanks for all your help

    Rachel H (Vic)

  5. Bronwyn

    I took it on a small outing today and it works perfectly. Not to mention that i can now back up to the float first go! lol
    After replacing our last tow vehicle, which had my float camera screen hard wired in, i vowed never to go to the expense and hassle of hard wiring in another unit again. I came across the Equi Cams on Facebook and decided to give them a go. I am nicely surprised by the quality of them. I love that the magnetic base allows me to move it from my float to the back of my car to use as a reversing camera when hitching up the float and then back again. Best thing is I don’t need internet to use it. So simple to use.

    Bronwyn L (QLD)

  6. Christine

    Love it!
    Christine C (Vic)

  7. Heidi

    I have had excellent success with my Equicam! Travelled 1500km round trip over impossibly sh*tty potholed roads, and the picture was clear and the magnet was incredibly strong! The battery lasted longer than expected and when it was almost flat I plugged it into a little portable usb power pack. Also.. I whacked it on the tow ball so my husband could back up and hook up the trailer without me waving my arms about like a crazy woman (and still ending up with it wrongly aligned). My friend who bought at the same time, was pretty pleased with it too! Only thing to consider.. make sure you turn the damn thing off before you get undressed in the back of the horsefloat!

    Heidi N (NSW)

  8. Janice

    These are fantastic and easy to install. Great coverage in darker environment too! Janice K (WA)

  9. Shelly

    For anyone interested, we bought the WIFI one and it is fantastic. We put it on the back of the car to hitch up the float, move it to the inside of the float for traveling and stick it on the back of the float for reversing. Brilliant and the range is great.

    Shelly L (Vic)

  10. Melissa

    Thank you so much the Equi Cam turned up the day after I ordered it. Thanks so much for your help and efficiency I can travel lighter now.

    Melissa B (Vic)

  11. Anna

    Received my Equi Cam last week. I think its fantastic. So easy to use.
    Anna Woodmansey QLD

  12. Diann

    I have recently received my Equicam camera, and Iā€™m more than happy with it! The picture clarity is amazing……….
    Diann Petersen (QLD)

  13. Karen

    I absolutely love mine šŸ˜ best present the kids have ever bought me šŸ‘
    I can highly recommend it’s so easy to use šŸŽšŸŽ
    Karen Griffiths (Vic)

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