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Pro Equestrian Surfaces are the original pioneers in bringing synthetic arena surfaces into Australia. 

It all started with Geopat,  a surface that has proven itself in Europe as well as the rest of the world to be arguably the no 1 Geotextile in the world.  Now with Geofibres added, this new and improved formula is absolutely the best arena surface combination you can have. Combining high strength geotextile cushioning and shock absorption with fibres that root into the sand for superior sand stability.  Then combine this magical duo with the perfect sand and you truly do get the perfect surface!

Geopat has been the surface where Australian Dressage records have been achieved on.  In both young horse classes  as well as  Grand Prix Dressage Australian record %’s.  It has been observed and reported  from Equestrian Australia that the best dressage performance scores Australia wide have all been when the tests have been on Geopat!

This surface is the absolute dream investment for longevity, performance, good equine management as well as luxurious riding pleasure.  It will never break down so NO topping up is required, meaning you will have a one off investment cost.  20 years + down the track you have not had to spend a cent on topping up.  Other surfaces on the market here are still in their early years and are designed to break down.  This means that expensive topping up will always be required making for a more expensive surface both initially and as well as long term.

Geopat is exported to countries all over the world.  It is often the choice for 5* top sport international events, Olympic Gold medal winning dressage and jumping riders as well as the biggest breeding and sales barns.

Our personal 75 x 35 Indoor has had Geopat installed way back in 2003.  It has not required any additional topping up.  Water requirements all year round is provided by adjoining water tanks.  A 10 mins strong mist in the morning during summer just prior to riding is the most we need to water this surface (indoors) ever!

We have seen, ridden on and have access to almost every arena surface in the world.  We still choose and regard Geopat as the best arena surface you can have . 

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3 reviews for Geopat (Imp)

  1. Clinton Rich

    We purchased the Geopat surface for our newly built indoor riding arena in July 2013. Danielle was knowledgeable about the important choice of sand to use with the Geopat. The 2 materials have combined well to produce a solid and stable footing when dampened. The amount of water needed for this purpose is also very manageable.

    Clinton Rich, Tulloch Hill Dressage Stables
    Mickleham, Victoria

    August 25, 2015

  2. Sarah Bray

    The longer I ride and train, the more I have come to understand the importance of a good arena surface. I feel that the horse needs to be confident in his/her footing to be able to give their best.

    Sarah Bray
    Woodleigh International

    February 29, 2016

  3. Mandy

    When I was looking for a surface for my 66m x 24m indoor arena at my newly built Equestrian Centre, I was very fussy and wanted something that was second to none, and after lots of research I found Geopat. It has proved to be the best decision as it just gets better and better the more use it gets, and it gets a lot of use each day. All my clients and clinicians’ comment that it is the best surface they have ever ridden on. We even get horses come here that can’t be ridden on any other surfaces due to injuries that just float along our surface. Danielle was very accommodating with any information I required to make sure the surface is as incredible as it is today. I could not recommend Geopat or Danielle enough.

    Mandy Cogan
    Cromwell Park, SA

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