Equilax Equine Release Fascia Machine Gun Massager (ON SALE PLUS FREE EXPRESS POST)



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Equilax Equine Release Fascia Machine Gun Massager is a very exciting and effective management tool for your stable!

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We consider this very handy massager a true must have item for both horses and riders. 

The Equilax massager delivers instant relaxation and release within minutes. 

Light weight and practical for everyday use.  

An excellent warm up and cool down therapy unit that delivers incredible results.  Other units on the market not only cost thousands of dollars, they are often very bulky and unpractical for every day use.   With Equilax you will find yourself using this every day and being so easy and light to transport you will find it very handy for events.

Equilax – you will love it!






High quality LCD Display allowing upto 30 different speeds using a smart touch button.

Multifunctional Massage Gun- The massage gun is used to relieve stiffness and muscle pain and promote blood and lymphatic circulation for horses and riders. 
For equine athletes, it can speed recovery after sports and sports injuries.  
For personal, this is a physiotherapy gun that improves the overall health of human soft tissues and prevents inflammation caused by adhesions between fascia and muscles.

Upgraded Version- The massager uses a high-quality brushless mute motor with super heat dissipation function, does not crash, can work for a long time, and will not stop working due to overheating.
6 Replaceable Massage Heads- The massager is equipped with 6 massage heads of different shapes, which can help the user to relax different parts of the body.
Long-term work- The cordless massager is equipped with a high-quality lithium battery for easy hands free use.  Battery life will vary depending on setting speed but certainly enough battery for a very through treatment with a fast recharge timeframe.
Lightweight Design- The massaging gun weighs 1.7lbs, and the lightweight design will not cause excessive burden when used.

Your horse as well as yourself will love this massager.  I highly recommend one for the home or office and one for the tack room.    Daily maintenance makes a big difference to keeping tension and tight muscles at bay.  Prevention is always a better management practice than a cure.


Voltage input:110~240V 30/50Hz
Plug: AU Plug

Color: Carbon Fiber
Capacity: 2500mAh

Strength gear: 30 gears adjustable + LED indicator
No-load Speed: 4800r/min
30 Levels Adjustment: Level 1 – 30 — 180r/min – 4800r/min



Package Included:


1 x Massage Gun

1 x Packing Bag
6 x Massage Heads
1 x Power Charger
1 x User Manual





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